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Services Description Railway Construction Services in Medan

In railways, rails are the main requirement and are a characteristic of the transportation because these rails are the guides for a train locomotive moving from one place to another.
If we observe in general the railway which is intended as a place for the train to run consists of 2 steel rods arranged in parallel with both fixed and equal distances. The steel rod is attached to a bearing arranged transversely against the steel bar, so as not to slide the rail is attached to the bearing tightly.
Rail bars made of steel with high pressure and inside also contain carbon, silicon and manganese, this is so that the rail rods can withstand the heavy loads of a railway locomotive. Modern railroad lengths are 20-25 cm for the old railroad tracks, which are 5-15 cm long. The types of railroad tracks are separated by weight per meter from the rail. For example, type R33 means that the average weight of the rail is 33 kilograms / meter. And those used in Indonesia are generally 4 types, namely: R54, R42, R33 and R25.
Rail barriers are arranged transversely against the rail, rarely between 60 cm maximum. The ingredients for this batalan have 3 types, namely:
1. Reinforced concrete bearings, these bearings are most often used today because of their resistance both from the weather and from locomotive loads and their cheap price.
2. Bearing iron plate, is a better bearing than wooden batals but not better than concrete bearings because it is easy to rust. These bearings cannot be used for electric trains.
3. Batalan wood, is the first bearing applied in the manufacture of railroads. This bearing will be coated with creosote to make it more durable and resistant to fungal corrosion.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can work on installing railroad tracks and is also a supplier for railroad bearings from reinforced concrete and railroad steel rods.

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