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Services Description Water reservoir tower construction services in Medan

City buildings that use PAM services to provide clean water often need water reservoirs for water storage so that if something untoward happens, such as dead PAM water, those buildings still have a supply of clean water. Tandon or water tank is usually placed at a high place so that the distribution of water does not require additional machines, only taking advantage of the nature of water flowing from a high place to a lower place. Therefore, a water tower or a water reservoir tower was built.
For water storage, a water tank or reservoir is needed and these water tanks have several types, including:
1. Plastic water tank, this tank is made of polyethylene, its resistance is 15-25 years. This water tank is lightweight and can be found in various colors and sizes.
2. Metal water tank, this tank itself is divided into 3 according to the manufacturing material, namely stainless steel, galvanized and zincalume.
• Water tank made of stainless with a conversion layer will increase the adhesion to the tank, then the top coat and polyester will be coated in an oven at high temperature. With a polyethylene coating which will slow down the corrosion resistance process of this water tank by about 20 years.
• The galvanized water tank is made of steel, iron or zinc plate which will be coated using the Hot-dip Galvanizing process on its surface to slow down corrosion. But if the Hot-dip process is not good, the coat layer will easily experience corrosion which causes this tank to only last under 5 years.
• The zincalume water tank is made using the same material used to make the roof, which is a mixture of aluminum, zinc and silicon which is bonded to a steel plate. The durability of this water tank is around 10-15 years.
For those of you who want to build a water reservoir tower, you can contact CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa, because our company has done a lot of water tower construction and we also sell various types of plastic water tanks of various sizes and we can make metal tanks.

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