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Services Description Futsal Field Construction Services in Medan

Sport is important in living a healthy life. One of the sports that many people are interested in is playing futsal. Futsal is a soccer game played by 5 people in 1 team, unlike soccer in general which uses 11 players in 1 team and is played on a large field, futsal is played indoors so it is more popular with soccer lovers because it doesn't need many players. and can be done in a space smaller than a football field. This is what makes futsal popular.
The large number of futsal enthusiasts has made some people interested in making a futsal sport facility by building a futsal field which will be rented out. The standards applied in building a futsal field are:
• The field is rectangular.
• The length of the futsal field with national standards is around 25-42 meters with a width of 15 meters.
• The surface of the field must be flat, non-abrasive and smooth.
• It is recommended that the surface of the court be made of parakeet floors and as much as possible to avoid concrete so that the player is more comfortable playing and is also safer when the player falls.
• There are signs in the form of lines that are different in color to the color of the field so that they are easy to distinguish, these signs will be arranged according to national standards for futsal courts.
• The field will have a roof and be covered by a mesh or harmonica wire.
The explanation above is the standard that CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa provides in every order for futsal field construction, of course these things can be changed according to the client's wishes if other arrangements are needed.

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