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Services Description Cheap Highway Construction Services in Medan

Highway is a traffic facility that functions as a place or lane of vehicle speed. Highways are already a necessity for advanced civilizations both in urban and rural areas. As a means for traffic, roads are built on land, in hills or mountains in the ground (tunnels) and over water (bridges) in order to connect all places so that they can be reached by transportation.
In building a road, many things have to be taken into account such as the layout of the building if it is in a city so that it can divert lanes when there is a traffic jam, the soil layer if it is in the mountains or close to water so that the road can support the weight of passing vehicles so that they do not fall, diversion of plants if forested. Besides that, road safety equipment is also needed, such as waterways or gutters so that the road is not submerged in water when it rains, road dividers, street lighting, road markings and so on.
The type and structure of the road must also be considered so that the road can remain durable, this can be seen from the type of vehicle that will pass and also the soil structure. In general, there are four layer structures on the highway, namely:
• Subgrade or sub grade
• Subbase course or subbase course
• Top foundation layer or base course
• Surface / cover or surface course
As for the types of violence consist of:
• Flexible pavement
• Rigid pavement
• Composite pavement
All of this information is known to our experienced workers. So that with the complete equipment CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa can make all types of roads in all terrains and ground conditions. So if you need cheap highway construction services, especially in the city of Medan, then we are the answer.

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