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Services Description Quality Hotel Construction Services in Medan

The hotel is a commercial building that is accommodated as a provider of lodging services. The hotel has many additional facilities in it such as entertainment facilities such as a swimming pool, sports facilities such as a gym and restaurant or cafe facilities.
A hotel that is a provider of lodging services must be able to make its building or the space it occupies must be able to make its clients comfortable, therefore it requires a mature interior design in its manufacture. And because the hotel is a luxury building, it is necessary that the palning is really mature and the contractor hired must also be reliable and trustworthy.
There are several aspects that must be known in the construction of a hotel, namely:
1. Strength
Strength is the main aspect that is most considered in the construction of a building. From the materials used to the construction method, everything must be considered.
2. Building effectiveness
In a large building has many facilities in it, so it should be noted that all parts of the building can work properly.
3. Beauty
As a building service provider, hotels must be built with a beautiful appearance both in terms of interior and exterior so that they become an attraction for visiting guests.
4. Environmental health
The number of users or guests of a hotel will have health problems, therefore the hotel must design with environmental health in mind such as paying attention to green environmental areas to sewer problems.
CV Antara Jaya Perkasa has experienced workers and complete equipment. In the construction work, our company works professionally. Therefore we have benchmarks in the work of our projects, namely:
• Timely project completion.
• The construction carried out must be in accordance with the master plan or planning.
• Functional success is fundamental to every building part we make.

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