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Services Description Cheap Fly Over Construction Services in Medan

Fly Over is a complementary building for freeways which is useful for avoiding road intersections or to avoid certain areas. Therefore flyovers will be built above or below the areas being avoided. For flyovers that are built above it is called the super structure while for flyovers that are built below it is called the sub structure.
In Indonesia, flyovers are called flyovers, which are meant for roads built on roads, while those built under roads are called tunnels or underpasses. Flyover is also called an overpass.
The flyover or flyover has 2 structures consisting of an upper construction with a lower construction. Here are the parts of each structure:
Upper construction consists of:
1. Wall rest
2. Floor plates
3. The beam is pre tense
4. Diaphragm and deck slab
The four upper parts of the building will function as a storage for the main load generated by passing vehicles and will then be transferred to the lower part of the construction.
The lower part consists of:
1. Abutment is the part that connects the flyover with the road, in other words, this part is located at the base and end of the flyover.
2. Pillars or poles are useful for transferring loads to the foundation.
3. The foundation is the basic part of the flyover which is useful for transferring loads to the ground.
As a company engaged in civil construction, CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has made many road facilities. So it is not surprising that our workers have enough experience in the field of flyover or flyover construction.

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