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An embung is a building that is artificially useful as a village water reserve that is built outside a river or you could say an embung is a tributary that is dammed, the size of the reservoir itself is smaller than the reservoir.
In full, the embung has a function, namely:
• As a reservoir for excess water due to high rain intensity.
• As a water reserve during the dry season.
• To help meet irrigation water needs
• To meet certain needs for water in a place.
For its parts, an embung has 4 general parts, namely:
1. The reservoir storage pool is a basin that is shaped like a pond that has a function to accommodate incoming water so that it can be used.
2. The body of the embung is a concrete construction shaped like a dam which functions as a cover and a barrier to the flow of water that will be collected in the reservoir.
3. Inrtake is a water channel that has a function to drain water to a certain place for use
4. The spillway is a part of the reservoir which has a function to drain excess water in the storage pond back downstream. This is so that the body of the reservoir remains safe in the event of an overflow of water. The spillway is usually built by constructing a water gate in addition to channeling excess water, this is also intended to drain the water in the reservoir if needed.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has experience in constructing village reservoirs and other water facilities. So that it can realize the client's desires properly and on time in the process.

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