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Services Description Cheap Cafe Construction Services in Medan

A cafe is one type of restaurant that provides food and beverage services, which is different from restaurants, namely the atmosphere, the cafe prioritizes building a comfortable atmosphere for visitors so often cafes are designed artistically and there is entertainment in the form of music.
According to the language of the cafe is a small restaurant providing food and soft drink services that people use to relax.
In the construction of a cafe, there are 2 types of places, namely indoor and outdoor, where each design must have criteria that can attract visitors, here are the criteria we offer for clients who want to use our services in building a cafe
• Minimalist and simple design with a simple and clean look and the addition of unique wall decorations can make the cafe comfortable for visitors.
• Furniture that matches the theme of the cafe.
• Shows the quality of beauty in its design.
• The right lighting often makes the appearance of the food served different.
• Good window frames, the cafe that we offer has many windows so that visitors will be able to enjoy their meal by looking at the outside.
• In our design we provide a special area to gather and eat together.
• Aroma, we often make drinks for the kitchen near the diners table so that the distinctive aroma of drinks such as coffee can spread among visitors.
• Provides a design that is pleasing to the eye.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is a contractor company that has built many buildings including cafe buildings which are done by experts and professionals in building cafes.

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