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Steel construction is a building that uses steel as its foundation, the combination of structural steel will be organized and specially designed according to the required engineering and architecture. Because the foundation is made of hard and sturdy steel, steel construction is often used to make wide and tall buildings such as skyscrapers. In terms of speed, steel construction also excels because it is easy to assemble.
The elasticity of steel is also very high over wood or concrete so that steel construction buildings will be more resistant to shocks in the event of an earthquake. And another advantage of steel construction is environmentally friendly because steel can be used more than once. Because steel construction that is easy to assemble makes this construction more cost and time saving and the frame building can still be used without wrapping it in concrete anymore, just painting it.
From the advantages and benefits offered by steel construction, this construction is very attractive and very suitable for commercial buildings such as restaurants, shops, shop houses and boarding houses.
Structural steel comes in several forms which are used in a variety of constructions and situations. In general, the following forms are often found in the market:
• Beam (H-shaped) is often used for beam structures.
• HSS-shape (hollow rectangular or tubular shape) is often used for column structures.
• Channels or gutters (C-section or C-shaped beam) are often used for truss structures.
• Angle (elbow-shaped or L-shaped cross section) is often used for tower or tower structures.
• Plate (sheet metal) is often used for joint structures, the thickness of this steel starts from 4 mm.
CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has received many steel constructions so the experience of its workers is not in doubt. And our company also offers supply services for building materials such as structural steel for steel construction.

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