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Services Description Light Steel Construction Services in Medan City

Mild steel is often used in roof frame construction as a substitute for wood, mild steel is often used in building construction at this time such as roofs, parking lots, warehouses and others. Mild steel is made of carbon steel which is stiff and strong, because of its practical, durable and more environmentally friendly use, mild steel is more in demand by construction workers.
For shapes or mild steel profiles that are often found in the market are batten profiles and C profiles. For the standards, producers follow SNI standards with size labels printed on their products.
Broadly speaking, the advantages of mild steel are:
1. Light and easy to install
2. Strong and durable
3. Easily formed and connected
4. Has a high tensile stress
In addition to the C profile which is easily found in the market, there are other profiles such as the Z profile which is usually used as the main profile in connection, especially in the roof truss with a truss structure. The C or Canal profile is also commonly called the W profile, only the difference is that the size of the W profile is bigger than the C profile, this profile is used as a strength in the frame which will be connected to the Z profile. Mild steel Profile B or battens are used as anchors on the roof covering so that this profile is made thinner compared to other profiles.
As a provider of lightweight steel installation services on roof trusses. CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa is also a provider of mild steel of various sizes and shapes. So those of you who are looking for a profile other than the C profile can contact us. And we also provide competitive prices.

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