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Services Description Multi-storey House Building Services in Medan

The house has the main function as a place to live and shelter from rain, heat and other natural disturbances. So, seen from its function, a house must be made well, strong and sturdy and comfortable for its occupants. A house is built with mutually supporting parts and is built according to the owner's wishes, so it is not surprising that many houses have unique special rooms. But even though it's like that a house still has the core structure that every house should have, here are the parts:
1. Foundation, every building has a foundation, including a house. This section serves as a support for the entire building.
2. Concrete block, is the part that supports the load of the building to the foundation. This section is also known as the bones of the building. In order to be sturdy, every corner of the house has a concrete block as a support for the walls.
3. Wall, is a separator between the outside and the inside of the house. This section also aims to protect residents from natural disturbances such as roofs. Walls are also useful for attaching home attributes such as doors and windows.
4. Ventilation, as a place for the exit and entry of air from outside into or vice versa and circulation between spaces.
5. Latei beam, serves to reduce the load received by door and window frames.
6. Ring beam, is inside the concrete block which serves to strengthen the concrete block to make it stronger.
7. The horses, which are the roof framework, function to support and strengthen the roof.
8. Roof, the very top of the building to protect the inside of the house from the hot sun and rain.
 CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has qualified and experienced human resources in building many buildings, let alone a house. In addition to providing home construction services, we also provide building materials, of course, at competitive prices.

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