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The factory is an industrial building in which the production process is carried out. Factory construction is usually in the form of a very large room in which a large number of production machines will be placed, besides that there are only a few rooms such as a toilet and a production control room. Because the size of the factory building is also referred to as steel construction, because of the use of steel as the foundation bone.
To better understand the factory building, the following are its characteristics:
• Large buildings, generally rectangular.
• There are a large number of workers.
• There are production machines.
• There is a process of processing raw materials or raw materials.
• To increase the rate of production, factories generally use more machines in their production than human labor.
• Large amount of production, which is produced for domestic needs or will be exported.
The purpose of building the factory which can be taken from the previous characteristics is:
1. Large production results from the factory are useful for meeting the large needs of the community for the products produced.
2. Simplify production without reducing product quality due to the use of sophisticated machines rather than human labor.
3. Even though the factory uses machines for production, the machines still have to be operated by humans, so that it will increase employment and reduce unemployment.
4. From the previous objectives, it can be concluded that the existence of a factory will increase the economy of the region or country.
Every industrial area cannot be separated from the need for a factory, including Medan. CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has handled a lot of factory construction so the workers must be experienced people.

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