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Services Description Cheap Warehouse Building Services in Medan

The warehouse is a storage facility that functions as a storage place for goods to be distributed from suppliers or suppliers to consumers or end users. In response to the message of a product that is unsure of demand, many entrepreneurs anticipate it by creating an inventory system or stocking goods in inventory and warehouse is the place. Therefore it is necessary that a warehouse has a system to maintain product quality within a certain period of time.
A factory must have a warehouse as a place to store products or store raw materials. Generally, warehouses have four main purposes, namely to:
1. The warehouse acts as a reduction in transportation costs, the intention is to send an item to a certain place the entrepreneur will send the product when the request reaches a certain amount so as not to repeatedly send to the same place, then the role of the warehouse as a storage place is needed.
2. The warehouse acts as a coordinator of product supply and demand, meaning that the warehouse can store production goods when the volume of demand decreases and the volume of production rises.
3. The warehouse acts as a need for the production process, meaning that there are several productions that require storage within a certain period of time. For example, wine producers need warehouses so that their products can be maximized.
4. The warehouse acts as a market need, meaning that there are several production goods that are always needed by the market so that the warehouse must be close to the market so that the process of supply of goods is not interrupted.
From the warehouse roles previously described, it can be seen the importance of the warehouse in the production of large quantities of heat, and CV. Antara Jaya Perkasa has built many warehouses in North Sumatra, so we can determine what warehouse specifications our clients need.

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