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Plate Strip / Flat Iron Size 16 x 150 mm

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09 Sep 2022
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Specification of Plate Strip / Flat Iron Size 16 x 150 mm

Sell ​​Plate Strip / Flat Iron Size 16 x 150 mm

Flat iron is basically a material used for civil construction, architecture and product manufacturing. Flat Iron Iron is also very easy to find, although there are different types. There is a factory that produces black flat iron.

There is also flat iron that produces flat iron without texture, glossy black flats and others. The shapes are also varied, some are flat, square and others, according to the needs of the construction being carried out. Flat iron is a low carbon steel.

The carbon content in Flat Iron is approximately 0.05% to 0.10%. The functions of Flat Iron are also diverse. Flat iron has a shape like a wooden board with a length of 6 meters and a width of 19 mm to 200 mm depending on the needs. The thickness that is owned is also quite diverse.

Usually, flat iron shops in Medan have different characteristics of flat iron goods. The thickness of flat iron that is usually provided is approximately 3 mm to 12 mm. In addition, flat iron is often used in window or door trellises, fences, and various other security constructions.

In addition to the same size as the flat iron strip plate, there are also sizes such as the size of plywood, which is 120 cm X 240 cm while the thickness starts from 0.8 mm. There is also a flat iron thickness that reaches 10 mm. The thickness of this flat iron will affect its use. There are several variations of flat iron such as galvanized flat iron to eser black flat iron.

Flat iron is also often referred to as a bar plate. Flat iron materials are of various kinds, such as carbon, chrome, silicon, and others. to make quality flat iron, it takes quality materials and the right tools so as to produce perfect flat iron.

As one of the big cities that is continuously developing, Flat Iron is needed quite a lot. We can even make purchases of these construction materials online or offline.

Item : Flat Iron (Plate Strip)

Dimension size

Thickness: 16 mm

Width: 150mm

Length: 6 meters

Flat iron / strip plate is available in the following sizes:

6 x 19 x 6 M

12 x 150 x 6 M

25 x 75 x 6 M

6 x 150 x 6 M

16 x 38 x 6 M

25 x 100 x 6 M

9 x 25 x 6 M

16 x 150 x 6 M

25 x 125 x 6 M

9 x 150 x 6 M

19 x 50 x 6 M

25 x 150 x 6 M

12 x 25 x 6 M

19 x 150 x 6 M



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