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Decolith Wall Paint Variant Size 25 Kg

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21 Apr 2022
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1 Kilogram

Specification of Decolith Wall Paint Variant Size 25 Kg

As the name suggests, interior paint is used on the inside of the house. Because of its use in a closed room, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting, so many people choose paint that can reflect light. Color quality is also very influential on the beauty of the room so that the room looks very good, because it is equipped with a formula that can make interior wall paint more durable.

DECOLITH is the only brand of wall and ceiling paint that has a full acrylic base material. This material is an environmentally friendly and safe material, that's why this paint is water based so it is free of lead and mercury. This paint has a spreadability of up to 12 square meters per kilogram, so you can save on the amount of paint if you want to paint a large room. In addition, this paint has a very good covering power and the paint layer will not calcify. Like other finishing paints, this paint comes in many color choices that are sure to be brilliant.

Finishing paint or final paint is a type of paint used at the final stage in the process of painting tempok or other objects. The main function of this type of wall paint is to give and highlight the paint color on the wall or object that has been previously painted to make it look more beautiful and colorful. The final paint is made with a mixture of vinyl and acrylic resin materials and a water-based material for melting, the final paint usually has a fairly high durability. The application of this final paint is generally used for the interior walls of the room or the interior of the building.

This final paint or finishing paint is the type of paint that has the most color variants because it is the outermost paint that is immediately visible to the eye so that it adapts to the wishes of users who have different color tastes.

Kemasan Cat Decolith

Varian Ukuran

Cat Decolith 1 kg

1 Kg

Cat Decolith 5 kg

5 Kg

Cat Decolith 25 kg

25 Kg



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