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Column Shaped Concrete Brick Size 29 x 29 x 14 cm

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14 Jul 2022
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Specification of Column Shaped Concrete Brick Size 29 x 29 x 14 cm

Selling Column Shaped Concrete Brick

As the name suggests, these concrete blocks are made from a mixture of Portland cement concrete (PC) with sand which is then molded and hardened under the sun. The printing can be done automatically with a printing machine or manually with a hand printer. Some manufacturers also make concrete blocks using a mixture of coal or styrofoam.

Brick is usually formed in a mold using hydraulic pressure and Brick is cured by a chemical reaction between water and cement. This process is accelerated through the use of a kiln which has a high relative humidity and a temperature of about 150 degrees.

Brick is widely used because of its various shapes so that when arranged it will be beautiful and form a certain pattern. Brick is often used outdoors as a substitute for cement for floors. Because the bricks are installed in an arranged manner so that there are still gaps between them that function to absorb water when it rains.

The bricks used for paving blocks and exterior walls are often colored and placed in attractive patterns but the bricks used in the construction of structural walls, are usually raw and require plastering and painting. In the home environment, adobe can be used to build houses and garden structures such as retaining walls, and paving driveways and walkways.

Item specification :

Name : Batako

Type : Column Brick

Size: 29 x 29 x 14 cm

For other types and sizes, see the following table.

Jenis Batako

Ukuran Batako
(P x L x T) cm

Ukuran batako SNI

30 x 10 x 15

Batako dinding luar

40 x 20 x 20

Batako dinding pengisi

40 x 20 x 10

Batako beton balok

300 x 6 x 10

Batako beton lengkung

50 x 30

Batako beton bentuk kolom

29 x 29 x 14

Batako beton bentuk H

29 x 14 x 14

Batako beton bentuk U

29 x 14 x 14

Batako semen PC

36-40 x 8-10 x 18-20

General Contruction, Mekanikal, Sipil, Fabrikasi & Supplier Besi Baja

Alamat : Jl. Laboratorium No.3D, Kesawan, Kec. Medan Barat, 
Medan-Sumatera Utara, Indonesia 20236
Phone : 081370066969

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